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Featured Mom - Ellen Wagner

November 17, 2021


Meet Ellen! Ellen has been a long time customer of Jamie Kay and recently has also collaborated with us on campaign imagery with her 2 beautiful little girls. For our first blog entry we thought Ellen was perfect to feature.

Get to know Ellen and her Girls Maddy & Abby below x



  • Introduce yourself, what is your name & where are you from?
Hey there friends, I’m Ellen! I live in Alabama (southeast United States) with my husband Matt and two sweet little girls, Abby (5) and Maddy (3).  I work as a pharmacist and photographer, sharing my motherhood journey on @ellen_wags.
  • What is your favourite thing about being a mother?
It is such an honor to be my girls’ mama. I love that no matter how my day is going, the moment those tiny hands grab mine or those sweet little voices tell me about the exciting bits of their day, everything feels right in our world.
  • What is your favourite Jamie Kay piece this season & why?
This is a hard one! I’ll have to go with the Hana Floral Frankie dress. I first found Jamie Kay back in mid-2018 when Maddy was a tiny baby. One of the first things I ordered was the beautiful Posy floral dress. The soft colors and dainty floral in the Hana Floral reminds me of one of my first favorite Jamie Kay pieces!
  • Where is your favourite place to wear Jamie Kay?
Honestly, the girls wear Jamie Kay almost everywhere! But I love dressing the girls in Jamie Kay when we head out to play dates - we always get compliments on their adorable outfits.
  • What’s a tip that you want to share with other mothers everywhere?
Being a mom is…a lot. It is overwhelming, incredibly rewarding, and everything in between. I try really hard to not sweat the small things and enjoy the immense happiness my girls bring to my life. The time that we have with our children when they are small, in the big picture of life, is quite small. Try to enjoy them just as they are at each stage of life, not wishing for the past or thinking about the future.
  • What was one thing that no one told you about being a new mother?
No one told me how fast life goes by when you have kids. It truly feels like I *just* became a mom of two, but in reality, that was three and a half years ago. Enjoy the little moments. And take photos every day because one day you will look at your child in disbelief at how this little person has changed in such a short period of time.
  • What are your mom style tips for looking adorable alongside your little one in Jamie Kay?
It is a lot harder for me to shop for myself than it is for the girls! I definitely have a “go-to” look - an oversized, neutral-colored top and jeans, paired with casual sneakers or slides if I’m feeling a bit dressier.  I choose to invest in high-quality clothing pieces that are versatile and have a timeless style element, so I can wear them season after season without feeling like I’m constantly having to update my wardrobe. Make a mental note about what your signature style and colors are, so when you’re shopping, you can do a bit of a mental check to think about if this item fills a hole in your wardrobe or compliments your style.
And last but not least.. a couple of questions for Maddy & Abby 
What is your favourite colour and what is your favourite animal and why ?
Abby: "Purple!"
Maddy: "Purple too! No, I like pink!"
Abby: “A unicorn because they have rainbow hair and a rainbow tail”
Maddy: “Zebra! Because they’re pretty and stripey”



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